About Susanne Ball

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Born in the Virgin Islands and raised in Colorado, Hawaii-artist Susanne Ball has always been inspired by nature and her surrounding elements. Her tropical acrylic paintings showcase some of Hawaii's most dramatic landscapes, bringing out the vibrant colors and textures found only on the Islands.

Susanne began painting at the age of 11 while growing up on a farm in Colorado. With no access to TV, she spent her time wandering the fields and painting the dramatic landscapes. Years later, she still finds the most inspiration painting on location. She often retreats to the white sand beaches of Hawaii, staring at the turquoise water, or hiking into the mountains to paint the lush tropical jungle and waterfalls.

Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and has been on display in upscale art galleries throughout California, Hawaii, and Washington. Her pieces have been purchased by individuals living in Japan, Europe, and throughout North America. Susanne's portfolio includes many original pieces, all hand brushed on canvas using acrylic paint.

Her tropical works showcase Hawaii and the Pacific's unique landscapes. In addition, Susanne is available to create one of a kind commissioned pieces based on a client's needs and desired locations.

Susanne holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of California in Santa Cruz, and also attended classes at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She has traveled throughout Italy and many other European countries, India and Africa studying art, refining her technique, and helping those who are less fortunate by painting murals and donating her time to improve their surroundings.

Susanne's favorite job is raising her now adult son Johann. She spent his younger years coaching youth soccer and volunteering at his school, lending her time to organize school-wide art projects, and helping kids to develop their own personal love for expressing themselves through art.

Susanne is a member of the Kailua Community Church on Oahu. In her free time she enjoys tennis, windsurfing, diving, paddling, and other water sports.  What a lucky place to call home!

For more information about Susanne Ball and her work, please call 808-256-4186 or send an e-mail to SusanneBallArt@gmail.com